Obsidians, skeletons, and wights, Oh my!

While continuing our investigation of the tomb below the manner we activate several traps.

On of them summons some very unhappy spirits. We dispatch them with ease but take a couple of bad punches.

Turning to the riddle of the masters tomb we begin to experiment.

Before the experiment can take its full course we decide to deal with the skeletons. We summon the Obsidians and take them downstairs. After a few minutes Nihilus gets impatient and touches the skeleton. They awaken and attack us.

The ceiling begins to threaten to collapse. Our fight in a “burning” building continues until we again emerge victorious.

Turning completely to the puzzle of the tombs we solve it through a bit of trial and error.

Grim very carefully removes the dagger from the masters tomb. And we return to town to sleep.

After a brief meeting with Squirt and Sir Emmet we go shopping and looking for Bobby and Ger.

Bobby sets up a meeting between us and the hobgoblins residing in Kaelosvale.

Ger offers us a choice of gems or a magic dart. We choose the dart for Grim. We informed Ger about the demon and inquired about the dagger from the tomb.

Ger offered us another job looking for a necrobal forge. It is in the city in the mages college. A tunnel is being built by a unscrupulous noble to try to access the forge. Ger wants that stopped by any means necessary. The noble that has commissioned the tunnel visits on Tuesday. The tunnel can be accessed under with a cottage outside the east gate.

Escape from the Cave

There’s a trap door out of the cave

Mark the hole in a field

Head into the city

Back to Soldiers’ Shanty

Squire Emmet’s room:
Lord Gacaz
Had a ancestor who was Necrabal
There is a Necrabal Tomb below his manor
He has a key attached to him that opens the tomb

Send a letter to Greta Leftways

Do some shopping

Go into the house, to the door of the tomb

There are runes around the door
Yacaz Gacaz opens the lock
Dwarves open the door

Stairway down and door
There are traps

Secret door

Baron Fallout

Prince Charming:
There’s a demon in the sewers that has been walled-off and forgotten
Let’s go check out the demon!

Hocus pocus
I hope you like to smell the smokus

Proceed a good way
Something large with a swishy tail has been through here by tracks

He can’t leave the area and must guard it
He must attack us if we attempt to leave

To summon a demon:
Need blood
Draw a symbol (Pentagram is a general call)
Chant in infernal

Crazy fight in which we got away

Obliterate the one who holds the contract to free the demon
Figure out how his summoning was waylaid and wound up here
There is something nearby that modifies shifting of planes and binds creatures

If we free the demon, he promises to reward us via something in this cavern

Long rest

Sewer haven

Short rest in the sewers

Prince Charming
watching us from behind a brick
he has healing spells he’ll cast on us for jerky

Fight 2 Otyughs plus rats
win and get some loot
Grim found magic arrows

Long discussion before we blow shit up

Prince Charming
has a secret hidey hole that is pretty cool
He lets us in
Ragnar gives Prince Charming an Ioun stone so Prince Charming doesn’t have to eat rats any more
Price Charming lies to some guards/maintenance men that come around that he hasn’t seen anything unusual lately
The arrows are Greater Nature Bane (+3d6 against natural things)

Movin' on up

Meet up with the supply caravan

Dishonored One
Send a child runner to ask for a meeting with the Hobgoblins under the sewers near the docks
Three days before fighting Dishonored One, the Grog Gang gave Dishonored One a package to pass on to the Kaelosvale Hobgoblins, which they did at the Cennet Wharf
Clara negotiates how to earn shaman’s respect so that the Shaman will put a magical mark on us so that the sewer hobgoblins will respect us

Ragnar Foehammer fights shaman
Kicks his ass
Content Not Found: ranna is impressed
The Shaman gives Ragnar Foehammer a piece of his broken mask as a token to show the local Hobgoblins

Squire Emmet
Someone attempted to poison Squire Emmet
Some Nobles are unhappy with The Church of Passage
The Church of Passage has a field headquarters to the North

Kill a noble that supports The Church of Passage with a scroll explosion
The demonic visage is a rubbing of the Demon named Tranch
Tranch was long before the Necrabal
It may useful in releasing Tranch from his Celestial prison to use artifacts of great power
The noble is Baron Hallen

Fight 2 Otyoghs and swarms of rats
short rest

Building an army

Cennet seems less fearful

Headman (Dorg)
Will have a cart-load of flour for us in a week

Farmer Tom
Nihilus breaks in to Tom’s farmhouse

Squire Emmet
He’s recuperating in the Soldiers’ Shanty after being jumped a couple days ago
Silence spell was cast
Emmet was outnumbered
lost 2 men
Attackers wore hoods to conceal themselves
Shortswords and daggers
Darts and slings
This is what kept Emmet from meeting with Ger

Hobgoblins can be legally killed on sight
Emmet will send a note to noble friends who might be able to authorize Hobgoblin movement through Kaelos

Emmet will find out about the corn-themed party among the nobles

Note came back from Grim’s criminal contact

Reverend Father Nordis
If we had frozen phoenix ashes, Lathander might be able to remove the ring

Mages College
Enchanters’ College makes items
Angels can talk to people in their dreams

Tall bald black man
Short tattood gnomish
floaty small person
Does a bunch of lightning damage to NIhilus and the ring came off

Rary’s Telepathic bond piercings for the group
Golden Teardrop Gem each
Feather of a Celestial Being each
5,500 gp each
Bottle of the Eternal Silence of a Hobgoblin Warlord for the group

Temple of Moradin
Ranna is here
Moradin is on board with the trip to Boars Hill

Buy all the things + 10 mercenaries
All the fighty people are going to meet the hobgoblins
the carts will meet the people at the river crossing which is 2 days away

Smooth things over with headman
send flour to Lathander and Moradin temples for the poor

Pain in the Temples

Temple of Lathander
Reverend Father Nordis
2 Necrabal artifacts were destroyed in a battle in the Great War when they annihilated each other in battle

Temple of Moradin
Dwarven Lady Ranna (who is all about combat)

The Church of Passage
Purple Robe takes us to the line for an audience with the Blue Robe
Blue Robe is the Right Hand
There is an orphanage right outside the city walls
Where is the Left Hand?
Pennybright is near the Right Hand
Old man with a staff
It’s an angel!
Grim does not get a blessing

There was a shipment came in Aug 2 early afternoon from Cennet
Cennet Cooperative ships from Cennet
Grimly Brothers
2 streets over can’t miss it

Grimly Brothers
“Corn” was sold here in town
42.83gp for the corn, which is more than usual
Nobles were having a corn-themed festival
Grimly the younger handled the sale at market

Leave to Cennet to Tom Farmer’s barn
To the cave by Spook Mountain cemetery
There are hobgoblins here!

Hobgoblin Leader (Dishonored One)
When the human leaders come looking for the Hobgoblins, the Hobgoblins warn the Grog Gang
The word comes from the humans at specific meeting times and places according to the note with times and places
Tall pale skinny ugly human red soft fur material with gold on edges with rings
Ugly dwarf with scale armor
There is an outpost of this tribe in the sewers of Kaelosvale
Medium human with a church of passage started the relationship
Hobgoblins agree to fight the skeletons if the humans won’t kill them
Arrange their travel to Boars Hill
3 dozen warriors
One week (August 12 is meeting)

To meet with the other Hobgoblins:
Lower entranec to sewers under the docks
send a runner to yell inside with meeting place and time

Out of the Barn and into the Fire

Tom Farmer
Hoots runs the tavern that served the Grog Gang
Sly was the leader
Grok was the ogre
Boars was the ugly woman
There is a Sheriff around that hasn’t punished the Grog Gang

Sly Danno was the leader of the Grog Gang
We should have questioned one of the Grog Gang
The Sheriff serves the entire county alone so he only comes around every couple weeks
The Grog Gang disappeared just before the militia arrived 3 times in the last 9 months
Spook Mountain Cemetery is where the rich folks (the old baron) are buried. It’s about an hour’s travel East of Cennet
Apple Point is East and then South from Cennet
The Cennet wharf is where people like Tom Farmer send their crops downriver to Kaelosvale
The Lantern Inn may be in Kaelosvale

Sly Danno was the leader of the Grog Gang
A man named Phil came in like he was very tired and had a box with him and then he headed out to the Grog Gang bridge
The Grog Gang seems to have a hideout in Kaelosvale

Hoots house:
Traps on the window and mattress
Found 4 rusty daggers, 25gp, 3 sp, and a note in the mattress

there are hobgoblins in the sewers
figure out the link between them and the church of passage
they must have noble support to remain hidden
Ger was interested to hear that we saw the Boars Hill Church of Passage support the Hobgoblins near Boars Hill
We got paid 300gp worth of gems

Grim sent a message to his criminal contact searching for Odie from the Communication between Odie and Phil
Sold all the gear from the Grog Gang

Stuff and things

Party and Squire Emmet are in The Soldiers’ Shanty

Runner delivers a note to Squire Emmet that a person that wants to meet with him to hamper The Church of Passage

Meet with mysterious Ger. He talks really quietly with an accent and says something about the Grog Gang collecting tolls at a bridge near Cennet and that they might have something valuable to The Church of Passage

Squire Emmet has other things to do and can’t go, but he gives us vague directions

Nobody told us which side of the river Cennet is on

We have no idea where the road with the bridge on it goes

Follow the road Squire Emmet suggested until we meet a farmer

The farmer says the bridge is ahead on the road an we can’t miss it

fight ogre and 2 dire wolves plus mage, healer and mooks

It is now August 4th.

Find a Communication between Odie and Phil and Notes of the Grog Gang

Insert title here...

Check out the spider cavern

Grim punched Nihilus in the kidney

no reprisal from the ring, Nihilus feels better soon

Oil flasks to burn the spider webs

collapse the spider side-cavern

blinded by acid

eventually collapse it

move down last tunnel

there is a deep chasm with two lights in the distance

grim flies toward the lights

they are willow-the-wisps with other spirits and there may be a portal in the distance

grim backs off

the party left Shallen Temple

Meet with the druids and rangers

they’re communing with a mushroom

the mushroom says that dora was gravely injured and may or may not recover

perhaps the people from Boars Hill could be relocated to escape the undead

grim suggested that the naboo could live in the caves and the druids will consider it

leave for Kaelosvale

stop in the town of Gray Tree

Inquire about horses and a wagon at the local feed store

Squire Emmet’s horse is in the corral

Squire Emmet is in town

Squire Emmet is inside a two-story house talking to a man in a top hat

Grim waits outside for Squire Emmet

Nihilus disguises himself and returns to the horse-seller and attempts charm person


Squire Emmet is heading to Kaelosvale to report to Sir Setrys

Buy horses and ponies and gear

update from Squire Emmet
Raoul was unrepentant and felt that The Church of Passage was doing nothing wrong
Raoul is locked up at the baronial mansion

The baron of the area encompassing Talonhouse is sending letters with Squire Emmet about the bad behavior of The Church of Passage

tell him about Shallen

see another temple of the church of passage along the way


walled city with castle in the middle on a hill next to the rivers leading into the Grand Kaelos River

gave Squire Emmet some evidence (logs, more diggers, …) to take to court to convince them that the church of passage are up to no good

Squire Emmet suggested an inn that is popular with military folk. It is The Soldier’s Shanty

40 rooms, corral, lockboxes

other patrons have military bearing

pay the innkeep for the week

temple row with religious schools and The Church of Passage is here (moved in 15 years ago)

wizards exist here

head to temple row

There is a temple of Moradin

and a church of Lathander

The winner of the great war in the Anmalk Principalities was Savras
There is no temple to Savras

There is no temple to Beshaba (for Nihilus)

At the Temple of Moradin
Ragnar Foehammer, Thorin, and Grim got blessings and gave tithes

the building of the church of passage used to be a temple to Ilmater

apparently The Church of Passage has disavowed Talonhouse Temple and Shallen Temple.
told Moradin priest about the sacrifice of Shallen townspeople

The priest tells grim that there is a crossbow-making gnome in Kaelosvale

Thorin sells his loot of breastplate and swords

head to the wizards

college campus like harvard

secretary is using some variant of sending

Nihilus inquires about having the cursed ring removed

To have an Extreme Curse removed is 1500 gold

A lady elf comes in to consult on the cursed ring
Detect magic
Detect evil and good
Detect thoughts

Sarah is the elf

18 Necrabal artifacts

3 of 18 are in the Wizards’ Vault

safe room with lead lining with indicator light

grim, nihilus and sarah are in the room

sarah: Legend Lore

necrabal were supicious of one another
cursed if worn by someone other than the creator
this ring is affecting nihilus’ skills
he is failing more than usual

dicussion about remove curse
Grim leaves the room

Sarah tries Dispel Magic at 8th level
A bit of lightning doing no damage

presents a job upsetting the thieves’ guild

make a hit on them and return stolen items without taking any and leave a note

thieves will resurrect the one with the fanciful fur hat

payment will be one attempt at removing the ring

give up the magic book instead

thorin plays dice, aided by an invisible mage hand by nihilus

ragnar and grim play cards

mubletypeg between drunk guy and nihilus
clara blesses nihilus
heroism on drunk guy from ragnar

nihilus gets hit 3 times, healing between opponents throw

he wins

long rest


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